IGEN STUDIO is a multidisciplinary community focusing on sustainable fashion and design, all from an experimenting perspective. We believe sustainable fashion is a must, but that it comes in many forms and varieties, every little difference matters, from fixing a hole in your pants to big cooperate changes in the supply chain.


IGEN is Danish and means ”again” which we believe sustainable fashion is very much about; working against fast fashion and designing for longevity. Giving your clothes love and affection throughout time. We don’t want you to be a slave to weekly shifting trends and we won’t work that way either. Everything we do here is meant to last as long as possible.


EMMA ZAHLEKJÆR is the designer and founder of Igen Studio, she works passionately and experimenting with fashion. She wants to show, that you don’t have to compromise colour, look or aesthetics just because it’s sustainable fashion. With Igen Studio, she’s creating at colourful trendy universe for everyone who values personal style, sustainability and quality when shopping for their wardrobe.